Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do I drink these flavors straight or mix them?

The flavors are great by themselves, but are wonderful mixers. Can make simple cocktails (mix with various juices or sodas) or a part of more complex drinks (like pina colada, daquiri, or margarita)

Is there a place where you will have samples for us to try, prior to purchasing?

We will have sampling events at many places. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to see where we will be next, as we will be sharing details on all events, including charitable ones.

What is your Michigan connection?

All owners of RWB Spirits reside in Michigan. The producer of the spirits is located in West Michigan. All ingredients in the products are from Michigan except the cane sugar and flavoring.

What proof are the brands?

All 3 brands are 40 proof (20% alcohol)

Where can I purchase one or all flavors?

Please check out the particular pages on the website for locations. If the place doesn’t carry it, you can definitely ask for it and/or contact us with the business name and we will do our part to have it be available there timely.

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