About Us

How did RWB Spirits LLC become the latest West Michigan spirits company?

It all started in summer of 2021. Two of the three partners were on the golf course talking about various topics when the liquor industry came up. The conversation was about one partner’s involvement with a previously released liqueur. It was asked if that partner would want to get back into the industry again. The answer was a quick yes!

There was some further discussion about what was involved in making the brand and how the process goes. It wasn’t mentioned again until later in the year, when it was asked again if the one partner would want to get back into it. Again, the answer was yes. This time, the partner stated he had some connections in the industry who may be able to help us get started. We then proceeded to meet with the distiller, who loved the concept and didn’t have this type of product in his portfolio. We discussed various things needed and ended the initial meeting.

The partners reviewed the conversation and decided to meet with an investor, who immediately wanted to participate. It was then the company was formed, contracts written, decisions made for flavors/labels/logos/etc. It is amazing the network we have created. We are fortunate to bring our brands to you, starting in August 2022. We appreciate your interest and will look forward to your feedback.

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